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WP8 Dissemination and exploitation


Within this WP on dissemination and exploitation, all measures to realize a maximum coverage of the intended audience in science, industry and public, as well as an optimal exploitation of the developed knowledge, techniques and tools are pursued. This WP will be executed with the profound support of all partners, who contribute with their professional network, their specific communication channels, own expertise in the target topics and respective needs, etc. It should be highlighted, that the respective experts in the organization of scientific events as well as the high-quality publication and web-presentation of scientific and technical contents at CIMNE will be a clear advantage for an optimal impact of ExaQUte.


Task 8.1 Dissemination activities

The strategy for dissemination is to use consequently all communication channels to reach public and the communities in the different sectors involved, namely the OEMs, the SMEs and the research centers/universities. In all ways of communication, like e.g. presentations, publications, reports, teaching, the project will be explicitly acknowledged. The intended activities are:

  • Organization of a workshop dedicated to a feedback from science and industry in conjunction with the mid-term meeting.
  • Organization of a scientific conference at the end of the project which aims at the scientific as well as the industrial community. There will be contributions of all partners and also internationally renowned speakers will be invited.
  • The final reports of the partners will be extended and –together with potential contributions of international experts in the closing conference- published as a monography on modern methods in large scale applications with special emphasis on evolving geometries and meshing.
  • There will be several scientific publications from each group and also in cooperation amongst the different partners in peer-reviewed, high-quality international journals.
  • The industrial partners have their own user conferences, which will be used to attract the industrial users to the new developments within this project.
  • The university partners and the research center CIMNE will include the newest developments in their education and also the training of scientific collaborators to foster the impact in the scientific community.
  • The partners will join and contribute to relevant conferences, meetings, workshops, etc. in various ways: they will give own presentations, organize dedicated minisymposia and eventually one can even think of creating a own special interest conference under the auspices of ECCOMAS. Especially for the latter, the specialists at CIMNE will be of high
    importance for a successful implementation.
  • Where possible, also industrial and software-fairs will be used to show the progress and the benefits of the newly developed technologies.
  • A final dissemination event will be organized at the end of the project to communicate and explain to the members of the ExaQUte User Panel and to other relevant stakeholders the outcomes of the project.

The ExaQUte partners will give visibility to the project outcomes amongst the SMEs in Europe related to the relevant application areas in the ExaQUte project. The necessary actions for this purpose will evolve as the different objectives of the project are achieved. Actions taken in this direction will be reported at each of the project review meetings. Finally, following the implementation of the Open Access Initiative, a Data Management Plan (DMP) will be implemented during the first months of the project, and updated as necessary.

Task 8.2 Exploitation

From the end-user point of view, outcomes from ExaQUte can be exploited at different levels. At this level, exploitation models will be sought where the produced software can be of benefit for other public and private organizations. Emphasis will be put in exploiting ExaQUte outputs among SMEs in Europe operating in each of the relevant project application fields. A good start of exploitation activities will be the interaction with the User Panel of companies that have shown interest in the outcomes of the project, which on the occasion of the ExaQUte dissemination event, will get details on availability of the codes and how to use them.