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WP9 Project management


The Project management WP addresses:

  • The coordination of the project from the administrative, technical, strategic and financial point of view.
  • The development of issues related to liaison with the EC, implementing the adequate reporting, reviewing mechanisms and accounting facilities for the project’s management.
  • To put in place the adequate consortium communication platform based in an open source SVN.
  • The continuous supervision and review of the Project progress, conflict and incidents solving.
  • To define future research and technology transfer lines.


Task 9.1 Scientific and administrative project management

In this WP the administrative and financial obligations of the consortium will be performed. These include coordination of the project, reporting, supervision and intra-consortium communication support.

CIMNE, as the project coordinator, will administratively supervise all documentation and reports to the EC with the help of the WP leaders and Task leaders. In particular, it will supervise the financial status of the project, negotiate contractual and administrative subjects or possible project modifications, revise project planning when appropriate, allocate project resources and schedule tasks in the case that modifications turn out to be necessary or advantageous.

The coordination will control deviations, report to the EC and interact with the different partners and external entities to be contacted on behalf of the project. It will also ensure the smooth operation of the day-to-day management of the project by applying proven Management techniques and procedures, preventing any deviation from the original work
plan (e.g. by ensuring that results from the WPs are available on time and are of high quality). The Project coordination will be the contact point to the EC.

The consortium management ensures that WP leaders are supported adequately in their responsibility for administrative coordination and performance control of the Task-related operations, (e.g. meetings, cost-statements, summary reports, deliverables etc.) ensuring that adequate resources are at the disposal of the project. Regarding the scientific progress
of the project, the reporting procedure (both internal and to the EC) has been established accordingly (see section 3.2 Management structure and procedures).

Regarding the financial progress, CIMNE will follow-up the project expenses and track deviations in coordination with the accounting system, and using the audit certificates system. The cost management activity includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget.

Concerning cost control, CIMNE will abide the Commission requirements, including monitoring of the cost performance to detect deviations from the original plan, accurate recording in the cost baseline, preventing incorrect, inappropriate, or un-authorized changes of the contract and informing the EC. All the required reporting documents to the EC will be compiled and submitted by CIMNE.